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What You Need to Know About Your Winter Garden Plants

Winter garden is a real oasis in a house or a city apartment. In today’s article, we will tell you which plants you can plant in your winter garden, so that you will rejoice your eyes all year long. Winter garden can be very expensive pleasure.

Good lighting, constant temperature and high humidity maintenance is required. The main task in the organization of the winter garden is the correct selection of plants, knowledge of their properties, care requirements. It is often necessary to choose between the flowers that you like and those who can really be in the home.

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Indoor Garden Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very familiar to everyone; it grows well in the home and does not feel worse in the winter garden. Aloe Vera: Planting and Growing Aloe Vera PlantsThe two main requirements of this flower: shading from direct sunlight and good drainage. From stagnation of water in the roots of aloe it can be killed.

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Orchids in the Winter Garden

How to grow orchids at home?There are many types of orchids. The most common is Phalaenopsis. He loves poplar and is fond of light. The minimum allowed temperature for Phalaenopsis is +16 degrees Celsius. Blooms once a year, but the flower lasts about 8 months and is able to constantly bloom uninterruptedly with proper care and proper nutrition.

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Dieffenbachia calathea during growth, it is necessary to feed calathee with liquid fertilizer for flowers indoors every fifteen days. These plants are durable and decorative with their leaves, although there are varieties that are distinguished by extraordinary flowers. In a well-designed tropical winter garden, Calathhea crocata (Calathhea crocata) will feel great.

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