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Wedding Dress Trends 2018

The wedding day can freely be called one of the most important days in every girl’s life. As the wedding day approaches, the bride to be is more in panic and searching for an ideal wedding dress. The search for wedding dress from their dreams, the brides are ready to spend thousands of hours, going through salons, listing magazines and looking for photographs from weddings on the fashion web-sites.

It is not a wonder that the wedding dresses are a huge segment of the fashion industry, and the designers yearly manufacture collections of the most incredible wedding dresses. The wedding fashion in 2018 is full with many dresses with different styles, hairstyles of every type, as well as different shoes and accessories. The designers and stylists have done everything for Wedding dress trends 2018 to be in big assortment and to fit in every figure.


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1.Wedding Dress Trends 2018-Retro Wedding Dresses 60s and the 70s

The fashionable trends of the wedding fashion 2018 will be the retro wedding dresses from the 60ies and the 70ies. But, they are little changed with transparent fabric, embroidery, accessory with pearls scattered around the dress. The dress is fulfilled with lightness and simple design at the same time.

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2.Wedding Dress Trends 2018 High Collar

The unexpected trend in 2018 is the high collar. Surprisingly, the combining of the seemingly unscrupulous best designers and stylists presented the world with real masterpiece-wedding dress with high collar. The collar can be made in different ways, starting from strict office version of “shirt”, and ending with azure performances, guipure, rhinestones and luxurious images. Collar of any type looks better with a pencil skirt.

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3. Wedding Dress Trends 2018-Minimalist Wedding Dresses 

If you want modern dress with no décor, maybe the best option is a dress “without anything”. This incredibly actual style will emphasize the beauty and the nobleness of the bride, will emphasize her figure.


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4.Layered Wedding dress

The designers in 2018 on the fashion weeks have presented the mermaid wedding dresses and the beautiful more layered wedding dresses which make the bride to look like an airy cloud.


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5.V-Neck Wedding Dresses


V-Neck Wedding Dressessource

6.Black and White Wedding Dresses 2018

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