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Unusual Building Calakmul, Mexico City

Unusual building Calakmul gained fame thanks to the fact that her appearance is designed as a washing machine. Corporative Center Calakmul by Arq. Agustin Hernandez Navarro.Calakmul building in the form of washing machine was erected in honor of the Mayan and the home of the tribe, who attended five centuries from 2nd to 7th century.

Calakmul is the name of the capital of the Mayan people, and the building in the form of washing machine is named in their honor, and the complex also has a small pyramid which is located next to the building.

Unusual Building Calakmul, Mexicosource

Unusual Building Calakmul, Mexico 1source

Mexicans call the building “La Lavadora” meaning washing machine.This buildings in the form of washing machine is built by very famous sculptor and architect from Mexico -AE Navarro. Before build this building on this site was a huge dump, but in the end of the 1990s, the area is literally transformed thanks to the city government. Downtown of Mexico City has always been a prestigious location, and the new office in the form of a washing machine in the center of the city looks quite strange and unusual.

Unusual Building Calakmul, Mexico source

Unusual Building Calakmul, Mexico 3source

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