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Living Room Ideas ,Trends and Designs

On the interior of the living room it needs to be given a special attention. The living room is a place for the whole family, but except the family, in the living room we entertain guests, so we need to think about every detail inside of it when we design it.


In the living room, we need to feel maximally comfortable. When we designs the this  room we need to focus on the taste, the style and the practicality. The furniture can be as you like, but we need to create an atmosphere for vacation and relaxation. If the living room is small, when you decorate it, use light colors and more functional furniture.



In what style you will design this room , it depends from you. You need to know that you shouldn’t mix too many styles, because that looks distasteful. The zoning of this room depends from the shape of the room. If it is long, rectangular and you want to separate a part for working zone, you need to put the working zone next to the window.



This will protect the eyes from making effort. In a wide and spacey working space you need to add an angle near the window. The lighting in this room needs to be adjusted to your interior. The chandelier in the living room plays a very important part in the interior. You can use a ceiling chandelier for a low ceiling or you can put to hang if you have a high ceiling.

Living Room Ideas ,Trends and Designs source

Living Room Ideas ,Trends and Designssource

Living Room Ideas ,Trends and Designs 1source








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