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Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital ,Australia

Lady cilento children’s hospital  represents a typical example of ecological architecture. Lady Client has recently completed Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. This hospital with eco architecture is designed by urban design firm Lyons in collaboration with Brisbane architects Conrad Gargett and Melbourne architectural , the expansive 12-story specialist pediatric teaching hospital is filled with natural light and colorful geometric designs to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for children.

Inspiration of architects for this hospital was spacious and bright design in the concept of ” living tree ”. The interior of lady cilento children’s hospital takes a “salutogenic” design approach in that the architects researched and applied designs shown to help support patient recovery, such as clear way finding, views of nature, and access to green space, green walls, and rooftop gardens. “Design work began with research into the genealogy and typology of the contemporary hospital.

children's hospital ,australiasource

children's hospital ,australia 1source

lady cilento children's hospital ,australiasource


We studied hospitals from the 1980s though to the present day and saw these as being largely functionally driven and medico-centric in their planning”, says Corbett Lyon of Lyons, Design Director on the LCCH project.
Hospital layout is organized as a “living tree”, and consists of two bright halls of which as a ramified network of other rooms. These branches end up with large glass walls with the view reveals the cultural and natural attractions in Brisbane. Nature-art hospital provides specific appearance city of Brisbane as well as the warmth of the interior for the benefit of young patients.


lady cilento children's hospital interiorsource


lady cilento children's hospital interior 1source

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