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How to Wear a Beret

Beret hat exists  more than a century. Initially, it was worn by the priests and then by the artists, and then it changed the style and became part of the military uniform. But true glory came in the 1920s, when designers seriously striven to create interesting styles of this military hat.

And this military hat gradually moved into the category of everyday and feminine. Women around the world not only learned how to wear a beret, but also made them an integral part of the wardrobe. Today  beret hat is a fashionable female accessory.



Berets can be various; strict, to emphasize the shape of the head, or, on the contrary, voluminous of thin knitwear, wool, leather, short fur, weaving, etc. The only rule when wearing a beret is not to collect hair under the hat?

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fashionable accessorysource

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How to wear a beret?

Today, designers offer wearing this fashionable accessory with different styles of clothing. And, of course, this hat will look nice with dresses of calm monochrome colors with a different cut. You can wear the same hat in several ways, to the middle of the forehead or vice versa, on the back of the head, flirty on just one side. Everything depends on your mood and the desire to create this or that image. Beret, slightly transferred to the side, will give to your mind a special taste and emphasize individuality.


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