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How to Suppress Appetite and Lose Weight

Nutritionists believe it is possible to keep a beautiful figure without the help of special strict diets.

The main requirement is to control your diet and avoid overeating. If you find it difficult to quit sweet, baking or fatty foods, you need to use proven methods to appetite suppressant.

How to Suppress Appetite and Lose Weightsource

Best Appetite Suppressant

1. Watch out For the Alimentation

80% of the daily intake of food should be for breakfast and lunch, the balance (20%) – for dinner. If you eat every 2-4 hours in small doses, the body will not have time to starve, so the need for snacks will disappear.

2 Sport

Even an easy, ten minute exercise helps to relieve nervous tension and a sense of hunger. Regular sports will reduce appetite.

3. Drink Water

All dieters as well as healthy lifestyle supporters claim in one voice for the benefits of water consumption. Therefore, drinking a glass of water for 15 minutes before eating, you are killing a few birds with one stone. First, you fill up the lack of fluid in your body and thus help in its full work. Second, you help in digestion. And finally, the third, it contributes to a decrease in appetite, the stomach indicates a fullness, so you eat much less.

4. Eat Light Food that Appetite Suppressant 

In the morning it is better to eat foods rich in carbohydrates and fiber mash, which allow you to feel sires for a long time. Some experts for reducing appetite advise to eat a bit of bitter chocolate before the main meal. Rapid carbohydrates immediately sweeten the body, so you can eat less food for lunch/dinner.

5. Enough Sleep

Reasonable question may arise: what is the relationship between sleep and appetite? There is interconnection, and scientists have proved this. It turns out that with a constant lack of sleep, the development of a separate hormone, leptin, is disturbed. He controls appetite, and the frequent deficiency of leptin causes an unbridled desire for overeating.

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