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How to Lose Weight at Home

Many of us have problem with extra kilograms. Before you start with diet and exercise for losing weight, you need to know the reasons for the extra kilograms. In most of the cases, for the men, the reason for it is the life without exercise and fast food and for the women the pregnancy and the childbirth. Because of this, it is necessary to change the way of living and the diet.

In continue, we will present how to lose weight at home

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1. How to Lose Weight  -Yogurt .If you like yogurt, it is necessary to add a little cinnamon in it.

2. To find out how much calories you need to take in, during the day, multiply the number for your calories with 31. For example, 70*31=2170.3. If you like snacks, after the meal, chew a gum for about 15 minutes.

3. Start with exercise. This is really big problem for many of us. If you cannot exercise alone, start in company. Those people who exercise in company lose more calories because they have motivation.

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4. Drink for one glass a day fresh carrot juice, in that way yo will lose 2 kilograms for 12 weeks even if you are not on a strict diet.

5. Before serving, chop the food, in that way it will look like there is more food.

6. Take calcium as supplement. The shortage of calcium can be the problem for not losing weight. You will lose 2,6% more weigh if you have enough calcium in the organism.

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