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How to Get Rid of Side Fat

How to get rid of side fat?A little side fat on the stomach is considered for normal because it aims to protect the internal organs and bones. But, excess fat around the waist causes inconvenience, and in neglected cases can pose a health hazard. A thin half is the ideal for which many women strive.

How to Get Rid of Side Fat

To remove the excess and have a thin half you do not have go to the gym every day. There are different Effective exercises for losing weight from the side fat, that will help you achieve the desired result. For effective training, you must follow certain recommendations:

You need to train at least three to four days a week.

An hour before and after a workout it is not recommended to eat, exercises for losing weight from the side fat should be included in a common set of exercises for greater effect.

how to lose side fat exercisessource


Before gymnastics, you can wrap sides and stomach with polyethylene or put thermo-clothing.This will increase sweating and speed up fat burning.

DIY Body Wrap – Lose up to 1 inch over nightsource

After completing the workout you need to make a contrast shower, which will make the thighs more strained.

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Tip: for efficient losing weight is not recommended to be on a diet. The nutrition should be balanced. It is better to limit the income of flour, sweet and salty food.


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