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How to Get Rid of Clutter and Keep Your Home Clean Too

What is a clutter and how to face with the “chaos” in the house? Very often the mess in the house is connected with the person and its character. And the mess is defined as a character flaw. But, does the mess in the house have influence on your character? Actually, the source of all that is our habits.

The habits makes us to make the same mistakes, and most often unconsciously, for example to throw our clothes through the entire house instead of putting it on hangers etc. How to get rid of clutter and keep your home clean too?

How to Get Rid of Clutter and Keep Your Home Clean Toosource

1. Finish What You Have Started

For example if you have started with tiding up the closet and at the moment your phone rings, after the call, finish the tiding up.

2. Don’t buy Unnecessary Things for the Home

On this way, you clutter the home and you have lots of things but no place to put them.

3. Give away the Unnecessary Things to your Friends or Get Rid of them on Some other Way.

4.Forget the General Cleaning

Clean every day a little bit. Make a list of tasks for what you have to make. For example, on Monday, you clean the bath, on Tuesday you wash the curtains etc. this method of cleaning will significantly lower the wasting of time and effort.

How to Get Rid of Cluttersource

4.Don’t Hide the Things

Don’t put thing in a place where you can see them (don’t hide the things) in every home there is a place that is hidden from the curious eyes. You need to collect the clutter from those places and to tidy up or throw it away. You need you get rid of the suspicious things in your home and life. Not only to remove them from your sight. They will stay in your thoughts. Even if no one knows for their existence, this will kill you.

5. Don’t be Afraid of the Emptiness

Many people are afraid of the emptiness in the homt, even if it’s small: the empty place is considered for flaw. If you have empty place fill it with thing you will need, every object in the home should have its place.

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