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How to Choose Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are the main work instruments of makeup artists. Every woman should have them.

They are tools for work of any makeup. Every woman who is applying makeup herself should have them.

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Makeup brushes almost all cosmetic brands. Do you want to buy from natural fiber or synthetic or some combination of both, cheap, expensive, in any form and color. You can find them without a problem.


How to Choose Makeup Brushes?



On what you need to pay attention when choosing high-quality brushes?When choosing a perfect brush you need to follow these factors: their form, the type of the fiber and its application. The cosmetics brand automatically split the brushes in groups depending on for which type of product they will be applied: there are brushes for tone, for powder lush, eyeshades, and even for contouring.

The makeup artists consider that the brush can be multi-functional. So, brush for corrector, can be applied for eyeshades without a problem, and to be used for lash. There are a huge number of types of brushes so the perfect makeup will be created. From where to start when choosing brush?

1.Handle of the  Makeup Brush

From the inner part of the brush. The handle of the brush should be smooth with middle thickness.

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2.Size of the Brush

Improper chosen size of the brush will be an obstacle of applying the makeup. For example, too big brush for lush is not a good choice.


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3.Choice of the Brush by its Fiber Type

The choice of the brush by its fiber type, like we have already mentioned, the fiber of the brushes can be from natural or artificial fiber. Brushes with natural fiber are more expensive than the ones with artificial fiber. It is important for the fiber to be soft and gentle.

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4.The Quality of the Fiber

When choosing brush, pay special attention to the quality: the fiber shouldn’t fall out or brake. The brush itself needs to be soft and not to irritate the skin, when touching. You need minimum brushes to have good makeup: lash brush. (Soft brush with middle size, these brushes are for sculpturing); brush for powder is the biggest soft brush. Brush for tonal crème (flat or round). Brush for lips-brushes for eyeshades (it is best to have two, flat and thick brush, for applying and a soft one for shading).how to choose makeup brushes 2source

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