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How to Apply Mascara

How to apply mascara?Mascara is probably most popular decorative cosmetics, which from time to time almost every women use. Although, not all woman know how to properly apply mascara. When choosing mascara, the individual approach is important.

The stores offer mascara with different effects and colors, combination of more than one function etc. To deal with the huge specter of mascaras, a consultant in the department of sales of cosmetics will be of great help. Today, we will write about different topic.


how to apply mascarasource

how to apply mascara source

How to Apply Mascara the Right Way


how to apply mascarasource

1. Before applying mascara, on the eyelashes, you need to clean them, and degrease them with special lotion for removing makeup.

2. The brush needs to have proper shape so it will equally color the eyelashes. Optimal, thick brush which is getting smaller at the end. Brush with soft and long fiber is used to give the eyelashes volume and fluffiness.

3. The mascara should be applied on the eyelashes only after curling them with special tool, and not vice versa.

4. The mascara should be distributed to the brush equally, so the forming of lumps will be avoided and they will be equally colored. To avoid these problems, the brush from the bottle needs to be turned with spiral movement and gently wipe the extra mascara on the edge of the vial.

5. With light spiral movement take mascara and apply it on the eyelashes. You need to start from the root, where you need to apply most mascara. The applying of the mascara should be with gentle and mild pressure. Spin the brush pointed up and push the ends of the lashes.

how to apply mascara source

6. You don’t always need to put mascara on the lower eyelashes; it will give you unnatural look. If you want to apply mascara on them, go through the outer angle of the eye with the brush. Very colored lower eyelashes can visually make the eye look smaller, although, be careful not to go too far.

7. After complete coloring you need to brush the eyelashes, with a special brush for that.

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