Homemade Valentines Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we need a valentines day cards, we’ll give you a few ideas on how to do it yourself valentines day card. To create your own this valentines day cards is easy and simple. You can use materials which you have at home.

To create these valentines day cards you will not need much time. You could make a simple and easy way to cheer up your excitable. I hope it will help you in making valentines cards and Valentine’s Day to be joyful.


valentines day cardssource

valentines day cardssource

1. Valentines Cards with Buttons

To make this card you will need this material:
• 30 buttons in one color and different size
• glue gun and glue
• A piece of square black or dark blue card – about 12cm square
• Pen
• A piece of gold card
On a piece of square cards, draw the simple five-pointed star. Draw from the center outward, measure 4cm lines with equal intervals.
Set black / blue card central to the gold card with glue to the middle. Allow to dry.
After that set the big button in the middle of the card and the rest less buttons in the drawn stars.
One by one, put a bit of glue on the back of each button and carefully put on the card.
When you have completed the card, allow it to dry.



valentines cards with buttonssource

2 Liinocut Valentines Cards

For making this card, you need a soft pencil for copy your design onto tracing paper.

The Paper set onto an A6 lino block with the design facing down and after fix with masking tape. Thereafter rub with the back of a spoon to transfer the image and remove the tracing paper. Check that the image has transferred successfully. Cutting you need two cutting tools – a sharp shape for fine lines and a blunt shape for larger areas. When you cut, only remove areas you want to keep white. When you finished cutting, squeeze a blob of printing ink onto a paper plate. You can use a roller to spread out the colour and then evenly coat it. The lino place ink-side down on your folded paper and press down firmly. Transfer your design with rubbing the back of a spoon. After, lift back carefully and reveal the image and leave to dry.

Liinocut Valentines Cardssource

3 Make paper Cut-out Valentines cards

You will need:
Coloured card
Hole punch
White paper
Felt-tip pen
For making these cards enlarge the templates below to the required size, fold the white paper like a concertina and draw around the template.
After that, cut out, open up the paper and glue to cards.
You can use circles punched from white paper as the snow and for the snowman you can use a black felt-tip pen to draw a nose, eyes.

Heart Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card Craft with regard to How To Make Handmade Love Pop Up Cardssource

valenties day cardssource

4. Valentines Present card with a Bow

You can use Valentines bow and scraps of fabric to create beautiful homemade Valentines cards. Cut out a square from fabric, place on a blank card and glue in place. As an adhesive you can use fabric glue or double-sided tape to fix the bow and ribbon to the Valentines present shape.


homemade valentines day cardssource

5.  Heart  Valentines Day Cards 

For this type of valentines day cards  you can use pieces of fabric. Slowly and carefully cut the fabric in the form of heart. Cutting done using a scalpel. Then with glue stick the fabric on the fold colored cardboard . To further decorate, add and bow of the same or similar materials.



diy heart valentines cardssource

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