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Fruit Hacks you Need to Know

All people eat fruit almost every day. After all, they are so useful. It’s nice that many favorite fruits are available all year long. In the summer they can be added to desserts or cakes, and in winter you can enjoy a minimal package of vitamins. In addition, we suggest Fruit Hacks that will help ease life not only for housewives, but also for people who value their time and money.

1. Peel Kiwi with a Spoon

Kiwi is one of the most problematic fruit when it comes to its loophole. In the following, I present you with the help of a spoon you can clear the kiwi.


2. Watermelon Hacks

With a deep bowl, you can serve watermelon nice and easy.



3. Lemon Hacks

To extract the maximum amount of lemon juice, cut off the fruit in length.

lemon fruit hacks you need to knowsource


4. How to Keep the Cut Apples Fresh

Cut a bowl in a glass of water, put two tablespoons of honey mix. Pour the mixture into a bowl and leave it for a few minutes.

How to keep the cut apples freshsource


5. Pomegranate Hacks

Another troublesome fruit for cleaning, which due to its red color can make a mess in the kitchen. The easiest way to remove the seeds from the pomegranate is to rub the pomegranate with a wooden spoon and then cut it in half and start hitting a wooden spoon in the center of the back, put the seeds into a bowl.

fruit hacks you need to knowsource


6. Strawberry

Clean the rim using a straw for the juice.

fruit hacks you need to know 1source

7.Amazing Hacks Orange Peel and Olive Oil Candle


Make a Candle from Orange Peel and Olive Oilsource

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