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Eco Friendly House Primeval Symbiosis

Eco Friendly House Primeval Symbiosis” located on four floors, is planned for living in forest areas, and its shape resembles a tree. It is designed for nature lovers who want to live away from the city in the “forest suburbs”.

The architect of this ambitious project is a Danish student Konrad Wojcik, who in this way actually wanted to re-connect man and nature because young people consider it necessary to slow down the urban development which is, in part, to blame for forest cutting.”The man managed to for 200,000 years of presence on the world to destroy what nature has created hundreds of billions of years,” wrote the author of this ecological home on his website. The construction of the eco friendly house  is completely made of wood and is equipped with a natural cooling system and bio – resolvers, which allows the supply of flat with biogas.

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The gas is made from methane fermentation of organic matter in animal contumacious oxygen. The idea is that the architects of these residences do not broadcast carbon dioxide.
In the  eco friendly house can live two to four people, and the walls are completely covered with solar panels, which enables significant energy savings and this beautiful house makes ecological.

Eco Friendly House Primeval Symbiosis source

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Eco Friendly House Primeval Symbiosissource


This is confirmed by the fact that this house of 61 square meter can be completely recycled when it expires “shelf life”. This environmentally mechanism was modeled on the functioning of trees, that are feed from their environment, and that in turn does not pollute, as is the case with ecological house of the future. According to plans of the architect, the house should be scattered in nature to avoid the view of the neighbors.

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Eco Friendly House Primeval Symbiosis source

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