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DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Outdoor Christmas decorations  giving life to your house during the Christmas holidays. They provide a festive and cheerful spirit in your neighborhood, give joy and pleasant mood. Some parts of the city are organizing the competition in the external decoration where it leads question the creativity of everyone’s home.

Outdoor Christmas decorations can be expensive, but it is best to make a DIY solution to what you have at hand. Use the supplies that is available around the house and buy cheap tools, with creating a unique and attractive decorations for the lawn that can do it easily and without hassle. We will can give you ideas to decorate the garden with outdoor lights, outdoor Christmas tree and outdoor Christmas boxes.

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Start decorating the yard with outdoor christmas lights . Replace the old Christmas lights with new ones, decorate the lawn with several supplies that you have at your house.

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Use a glass bottles and balls of christmas light.Glass bottles are very interesting for the christmas yard decorations decoration . They need not be the same size, as much of the diversity in color and in size it is better. These bottles can later serve as a fence in the lawn or entrance. First you have to clean up the bottles inside and out. Peel off the sticker by uh immerse in water overnight and the inside using the brush and means for the cleaning. In the cleaned bottles set waterproof candles. Arrange the bottles in the yard or you can tacked to the place where you want. Enjoy!



Outdoor Christmas light balls are very good to decorate your yard. For their making we using LED lamps, and with them create a glowing ball in your lawn. For this DIY we need wire, pliers and gloves. Wire shape in the form of balls, at the same time necessarily you use gloves. Then carefully weave the LED lights into the sphere who are you made of wire. Large light balls can be placed in your yard and small hang on the fence.

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Outdoor Christmas Tree

To beautify your yard you will need a Christmas tree. To create this simple exterior Christmas tree you’ll need a few pieces of wooden panels, which you probably have in your yard. It should also we’ll need screws, glue, colors to paint the panels and decoration, you can use lights and lanterns. Wooden ladders do them touched that evening put down a shortest worst on one ladder of two meters and so form a tree. Then paint the tree in the colors you want and decorate Christmas tree with lights and lanterns.

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Outdoor Christmas  gift boxes

Outdoor gift boxes are one of the simplest ornaments to create in your yard. For their product you will need materials that you can easily find, these materials have everyone in home: unused shoe boxes, glossy paper and ribbons. Wrap the box in a glossy paper and add a bruise. Put inside a piece of the rock in the box for the windy nights they are stable. These Christmas boxes you can set on the stairs or under the Christmas tree.

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