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Cleanse the Colon and Normalize your Weight with Ground Flaxseed

Cleaning of the colon is the first necessary step for the general improving of the health and preparation for losing weight. For this goal, it is necessary the ground flaxseed, which has useful effect on the gastrointestinal organs. Its useful means has discovered the big Greek doctor Hippocrates, which made flax seed for the pain in the stomach, and gave it to the patients to drink it.

The cleaning and the bactericidal means of the flax seed drink normalized the functioning of the organism for a short time, and it improved the metabolism.

What contains the ground flaxseed?

The flax seed consist B vitamins, E, F, K, PP and others, lots of magnesium, phosphor, iron, zinc, potassium and other elements; diet fiver, amino acids.

Benefits from the flax seed

When using flax seed for losing weight, one person gains these results: Eats less. The seed of this plant has such means that when is in the stomach, it allows the people not to feel hungry. Losing weight is achieved by laxative effect. This product acts very gentle and quiet, without damaging the intestinal micoflora. This laxative effect helps to eliminate the extra fluid from the body and lowering the pressure. In the content of the flex seed there are omega-3 and omega-6, they improve the metabolism. As a result of that, the body starts to gradually precede the fat reserves.

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How to Consummate Ground Flaxseed for Losing Weight?

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There are two ways of using flax seed for losing weight.

The first way is to add the flex seed in everyday diet. Take the flax seed for losing eight raw. You need to take it half an hour before meal, it will lower your appetite and you will not eat too much during the meal. The input in the diet is recommended to be gradually, starting with little doses.

At first, it is enough 3 grams, 3 times a day. Gradually you can increase it up to 30 grams. Daily compensation shouldn’t be more than 90 grams. The flax seed can be added in a salad, or trims, before the meals are served. It is recommended to mince the flax seed directly before using it. And the second option is to prepare home-cooked meals for losing weight, based on the flax seed. There are some good recipes for losing weight:

How to Lose weight with flaxseed Recipe

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1. Pour 500 grams of hot water over 1 spoon flax seed.

You need to do this in a thermos, close it and let it over night. Then drain it and drink for 100 ml before meal, once a day

2. Kefir and flax seed is highly efficient for cleaning the organism and losing weight.

How to make it?

In the first 7 days in 200 grams, add 1 spoon minced flax seed and leave it to stay for 8-12 hours and eat it instead of breakfast. The second week, the procedure is the same, add 2 spoons flax seed. In the third week, add 3 spoons flax seed.

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