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Bookstore Hostel Book and Bed Tokyo

In Tokyo, recently has been opened the Bookstore hostel book and bed Tokyo , which looks like a real bookstore. For the lovers of the books and the reading, this is a really great place.

On the beds in this hostel, there are build shelves with books. Beautiful! Isn’t it? Do you dear ladies want to visit this hostel?



bookstore-hostel-book-and-bed-tokyo-kyoto- 1source

The guests have a little space (length-200cm, wide-80 cm, this place is not suitable for claustrophobic people). The hostel offers two types of beds, standard dimensions from 205 x 85 and spacey 205 x 129 cm. Half a library half a hostel, Book And Bed Tokyo is on the 7th floor of the building in the Ikebukuro area, Tokyo. The hostel is only a few steps from the railway station, and on a first sight it looks like a usual bookstore. In the hostel there are 30 beds, shared bathroom and free Wi-Fi. The starting price form one night is 29$. In the hostel there is a fantastic choice of books in English and Japanese language. In continue we present photographs from this unusual hostel.

bookstore hostel book and bed tokyosource

hostel book and bed tokyosource

hostel book and bed tokyo source

bookstore hostel book and bed tokyo 2source

hostel book and bed tokyo 1source

bookstore hostel book and bed tokyo 1source

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