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12 Creative Wall Christmas Tree Ideas

There should be a Christmas tree in every house for Christmas. It helps to create a festive atmosphere. There are homes when there is not enough space in a small house or apartment to put a Christmas tree.

An alternative solution is to put a wall Christmas tree. You can do this kind of tree yourself, it takes time and material.

wall christmas tree ideas small spacessource

wall christmas tree ideas small spaces source

Paper Wall Christmas Tree

The simplest and most expensive solution is this Christmas tree. This paper Christmas tree looks very creative on the wall, besides that, you can make one for the home and for the office, because this Christmas tree doesn’t take much space.


wall christmas tree ideas made of papersource

wall christmas-trees-modern-christmas-decorsource

Wall Christmas Tree From Branches

You will only need to buy them or to find them in the woods, and to attach them well on the wall in a tree shape. If there are no possibilities for you to buy the thin twigs, you can make them from artificial twigs. For decoration such unusual Christmas tree, hang decorations, electric candles, toys etc.

christmas tree from branchessource

creative christmas-trees-alternative-christmas-treesource

Christmas Tree Made from Family Photographs

You can simply glue the pictures in the wall in a tree shape. The harder option is to make a wooden frame from pieces of wood that you don’t need, on which you can hang light moments from your family life. Maybe, this is the best idea for a Christmas tree.

family photographs wall christmas treesource

family photographs wall christmas tree 1source

Make a Christmas Tree with Garland on the Wall

Making a Christmas tree out of garland. To make this beauty is simple, and looks very nice and spectacular.


creative wall christmas tree ideassource

Christmas Tree on Wall with Lights

christmas tree on wall with lightssource

Christmas Tree on Wall with Lightssource

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